Our Story

Sean, it seems was born with a camera in hand. A man who from a young age fell in love with his hobby. Which decades later is still very much a burning passion, his on going thirst for knowledge of his craft unfailing. His love and understanding of composition and light fuels many conversations and wild adventures..  Photography for Sean started in TY in School. A chance opportunity that paved the way to an impressive 30 year, award winning career, spanning Press, Corporate, PR photography and Videography, each discipline still taking him across the globe.


Kate, was born with a love of the arts, in any format. Her photography career took a while to find her. A dental nurse who loved nothing more than to go to galleries, listen to music and travel..anywhere. Not being able to sing or paint were always a source of great frustration, until she met Sean who inevitably showed her the magic of a camera. Life changed forever.  While not conventionally trained in photography, Kate has worked with Sean for nearly a decade, becoming a self taught editor in the process.


Together Sean and Kate, have a deep routed love of landscapes and landmarks, their textures and tones, the ever changing light that dances across them. A drive with cameras, camping gear and no clear destination is one of their favourite pastimes. Nearly two decades of imagery from across the globe lays unseen in their personal archives. Always asked about but never seen.


This shop was born out of a love to share our love of “Home” to yours.